We’ve hit the halfway point

Note what appears to be a rather large nose. That's a pretty good indication it belongs to Sara and I.

This week marks 20 weeks Sara has been pregnant with baby No. 2. It’s amazing how fast the first half went, and if memory serves me correct, it’ll be just as amazing at how slow the remaining 20 weeks will go.

Our ultrasound technician last week asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. Sara glanced at me like “well, maybe we should find out.”Like it was her 11th-hour, last-ditch effort to find out before we our blessed with another surprise in mid-February.  We’ve agreed all along to have this pregnancy be a surprise like Jackson’s was. I think she wanted me to convince her again that we’re sticking to our plan. Alas, we declined, but our technician said should could write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envel0pe in case we changed our minds down the road. Right. I guarantee neither of us would have that kind of will power.

The 20-week mark really puts things in persepctive. Much to her chagrin, Sara’s tummy is becoming more noticeable. Her back is beginning to get sore, which means I’m doling out back rubs left and right. I can’t complain, though, because I have the easy job. I told Sara after having Jackson that I would never again joke about how much of a pansy she can be. Props to the women who get through labor without an epideral, or in Sara’s case, get through labor after two failed epiderals when she was counting on one.

We’ve got a new crib and dresser/changing table ready to go. Now comes the process of rearranging our office/spare bedroom into a nursery. Jackson is staying in his small bedroom, because, well, it’s just easier for him to stay in there instead of moving into the bigger room and having to make his bedroom a nursery, thus having to completely redecorate two rooms. Make sense?

We’ll keep you posted on Sara’s progress and any other randomness that pops up in our lives. // JS


About smothersfamily

Currently pregnant with baby No. 2, Sara is in her fifth year as a sixth-grade reading and language arts teacher at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. Josh is a newspaper designer at the Gannett Des Moines Design Studio and the usual editor of this blog. Finally, Jackson is an always-on-the-go toddler who will be 2 in April.
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