Checking in at 26 weeks

At 26 weeks, Sara's lower back pain has become, well, a pain.

As Sara tossed and turned the other night, sandwiching a pillow between her legs, she asked, “Did my back hurt this bad with Jackson at 26 weeks?”

I’m sure the answer was no, yet I do remember that it flared up toward the end of her first pregnancy. And at 26 weeks Sara’s lower back pain has been, well, a pain. With three months to go, I know she’ll be a trooper like the first time around.

I’ve been giving nightly back rubs for the past month or so, as I’m sure many of you other guys have had to do during your wife’s pregnancies. I figure it’s the least I can do considering she’s the one who’ll be extrememly uncomfortable for up to another 14  weeks.

Thank God for Sara’s best friend, who just happens to own her own chiropractic office, Chiropractic In Motion, in West Des Moines. Sara has been making regular visits to her office and home every time she thinks she “needs a good crack.” One of my younger sisters is currently studying at Palmer Chiropratic in Davenport, so it appears we’ll get free adjustments for life 😉

On a much more positive note, Sara’s mother is finally home from the hospital, where she spent more than a month rehabbing a fractured pelvis. She and Jackson have been making weekend trips to Harlan while I’m typically stuck at work. Hopefully that (my weekend shifts) changes soon.

And with just 14 weeks remaining (or three months, whichever sounds less daunting), Sara and I are very thankful that she’s had a healthy and safe pregnancy so far. Her trips to the gym have become shorter and shorter, which frustrates her I know, but I’m simply amazed at how active she still is at this juncture.

Anyway, just wanted to give our thousands (OK, dozens maybe) of our readers a quick update. More to come. Take care. // JS


About smothersfamily

Currently pregnant with baby No. 2, Sara is in her fifth year as a sixth-grade reading and language arts teacher at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. Josh is a newspaper designer at the Gannett Des Moines Design Studio and the usual editor of this blog. Finally, Jackson is an always-on-the-go toddler who will be 2 in April.
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One Response to Checking in at 26 weeks

  1. Jayme says:

    Her back’s probably killing cuz she’s so stinkin’ tiny with that belly pulln’ her little frame the wrong direction! The price to pay for stunning beauty. Love you guys!

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