Hello, third trimester

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Jackson and I did get to go back to my parents’ home in Harlan for a few days while Josh was stuck at work. We were talking about Thanksgiving and realized that we have yet to spend that holiday together because of his ridiculous schedule at work. But hey, he’s working hard on finding a new job, or at least better hours at the paper. I can only hope that next year he gets to taste some of the food at the Sonderman Thanksgiving (not as leftovers) and we can actually get to Cedar Rapids to see his family.

My sisters came to Des Moines for our annual Black Friday shopping spree. It started earlier than usual thanks to our nearby Walmart opening so early, and it also ended earlier than usual thanks to Stacie getting the flu. Even though Mom wasn’t able to make the trip this year, she sent her list, and she was the one that ended up scoring like a bandit. And there was also a first: I actually got more stuff and spent more money than both of my sisters at Children’s Place. That has never, ever happened in the past.


As for my expanding belly, we are now in the third trimester. I guess that means that Josh and I really need to start preparing for the arrival of this little one. We have our list of girl names narrowed down, but if the baby ends up being a boy, I’m worried there’s a good chance it won’t have a name for the first day or so. I have names on my list and Josh seems to veto every one I come up with. I also have had to remind him several different times that we are not naming our future children after the alter-egos of any superheroes (i.e., Clark) 🙂


Jackson is at such a fun age. He is obsessed with shooting anything and everything into his basketball hoop and also has started to really like playing with trucks and cars. He has a “baby” at the house now that goes to bed with him. The first few days he was so gentle with it and giving it hugs and kisses. And then yesterday I caught him shooting the baby into the basketball hoop. Oh, how we will all have many adjustments in our near future 🙂




About smothersfamily

Currently pregnant with baby No. 2, Sara is in her fifth year as a sixth-grade reading and language arts teacher at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. Josh is a newspaper designer at the Gannett Des Moines Design Studio and the usual editor of this blog. Finally, Jackson is an always-on-the-go toddler who will be 2 in April.
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