Back to Work

On Monday my maternity leave will officially end. I was so lucky to get a substitute I fully trusted and didn’t have to worry about my students at all. For the most part, I am ready to get back to a schedule and see my students and the staff. But I know by about noon that day I will be missing Drake and Jackson like crazy. I keep telling myself that I only have six weeks and then we get the entire summer to play. Those six weeks are going to be very sleep deprived for Josh and me. Drake has been doing pretty well and has only been getting up once in the night. However, when Josh doesn’t get home until 1, Drake gets up at 3 or 4, and I leave for work a little after 6, it makes for a short night. Those days the kids don’t go to daycare, Josh will have to learn to live on about 6 hours of sleep at most. And anyone who knows Josh, knows he is not a morning person! He makes me laugh because when Drake wakes up at 6:30 in the morning, he still considers that the middle of the night:)!

Drake has been the perfect addition to our family. Thank God he has Josh’s personality this far. He is so relaxed and easy-going. He has both of us completely wrapped with all of his smiling and snuggling that he does. And all of that hair and those long eyelashes that are starting to come in will get him whatever he wants from his mama! That first month home was pretty brutal though adjusting to a toddler and newborn. There were a few nights I informed Josh that we were done with two kids. However, by about week 6 I took back that statement:)! Josh helped me survive and I am so thankful he is such a hands-on dad!

And Jackson. My energized Jackson who never stops moving. He went through a week or two of not liking his brother and throwing fits any time I would hold him, feed him, look at him…but now he absolutely LOVES Drake. The last thing we do before bed is kiss the baby and one of the first things in the morning we do is kiss the baby. He rubs his back and belly, does tummy time, and will attempt to give him a bottle.  And then he torments him by sitting on him, squeezing him, accidentally falling on him, and throws balls at him. The joys of brotherhood! 🙂


About smothersfamily

Currently pregnant with baby No. 2, Sara is in her fifth year as a sixth-grade reading and language arts teacher at Brody Middle School in Des Moines. Josh is a newspaper designer at the Gannett Des Moines Design Studio and the usual editor of this blog. Finally, Jackson is an always-on-the-go toddler who will be 2 in April.
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